Le Contresort — Cafésotérique


Friday night’s readings

Every Friday night, tarot-readers do their magic at the Contresort, from 7 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. while our customers are having dinner. To contact them and book a reading, join them directly on instagram or on their websites! They will communicate their disponibilities and financial conditions. We, at the Contresort, will not book a reading for you: we only book your dinner reservations. Have a nice reading!

Launch of Kitchen Witch

Our book is finally available! Published by Webedia Books, Kitchen Witch offers 50 recipes following the four seasons cycle. In this book, we explain our way to kitchen witchery : symbolic of food, rituals, plants magic…

We are also interviewing fellow witches : Cléé (@ratonreveur), a doula specialized in menstrual diets, Assya Garcez (@assya.garcez.herboriste), a professional herbalist, Pauline Mizon (@larcaniste), a tarot-reader who also owns an esoteric shop called Arcane Noire at Annecy, and finally Celia (@vanillahry), a very talented ceramist who makes her own cups, dishes and plates!

Thanks to Mathilde Foignet’s art, Rebecca Genet’s photographies and Studio HelloElo’s graphic design, we invite you into our vegetal and delicious world, which celebrates nature’s magical profusion ! Discover our famous Zodiac cupcakes, the deadly savory pie, our enchanting potions…

« Kitchen Witch » podcast now available!

We published a book about kitchen witchery, now it’s time for a podcast about this fascinating topic!

Why is salt so popular both in magic rituals and among cook chiefs? What is tasseomancy? Are apples really some kind of mystical fruits? Why is sage used in pasta sauces as well as in smudges? What would be the perfect « love cake » recipe which would lead people to fall in love? Is cooking a way to express warm feelings or a way to poison one’s ennemies?

Get all the answers by listening our podcast and following us on Instagram ! (@kitchenwitch_lepodcast)